Spare Change, based in La Grange, NC, is one of the Southeast's most well- known and respected party bands. Their diverse playlist makes them an instant crowd sensation. From rock, country, beach, funk, rap, current Top 40 hits, and classic rock, Spare Change is sure to play a favorite of all persons attending. 

With five singers (including a female), two guitarists, piano/synth, drums and bass, and even a mandolin player, their range and versatility is unmatched. 

They are famous for their ability to switch gears, sounding like a Nashville country band one minute, a funky groove band the next, and an 80s hairband after that, all with equal comfort and authenticity. 

Choreographed dances, audience participation, and non-stop motion on stage help drive an energy level that will have the crowd happily exhausted by the end of the night.

Spare Change travels with a professional sound engineer and a lighting technician, ensuring that the total production experience is always top-notch. 

They play over 150 shows a year, from family festivals to professional corporate parties and elegant wedding receptions to rowdy nightclubs.   All that to say they are incredibly experienced at entertaining diverse crowds and will find a way to make sure everyone has a great time they’ll remember for years.

Not just in your cushions anymore!