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Professional or Amateur?

What, or who, do you think about when you hear the word “professional?” You may think of an athlete, business owner, corporate tycoon, etc, but what is a professional, really? 

I used to think that you were considered a professional…

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My Band Roots - My Senior Project

There I was, my senior year in high school.  We finished up with the first semester and came back into new classes.  One of those classes was English Lit.  The teacher was Mrs. McCutcheon.  She ended up being one of…

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My Band Roots - Early Years

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always as passionate about music as I am now.  I used to think it was boring, and my parents made me sing in church with the youth choir.  My Pa got all of us…

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Wedding Day Help

We play quite a few weddings every year, so we have done hundreds of weddings over the years.  It wasn’t as polished back in the early years as it is now, but we have always tried to do our best…

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Wedding Budgets

Not many people have to plan multiple weddings, and the ones that do usually get paid pretty well to do so.  It isn’t necessarily in everyone’s will-house.  I know it’s not in mine.  I probably have a lot more…

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